UP2500, 24 VDC-lithium-lions lagringssystem (LiFePo4) 2,84 kWh

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UP2500-上海派能能源科技有限公司 (pylontech.com.cn)


Pylontech UP2500C 24V lithium LiFePo4 batteries, are Low Voltage modular batteries, with a nominal voltage of 24 under 19″ Rack format, and compatible with the main inverter manufacturers: Victron Energy, Voltronic, Studer, Voltronic, Sungrow, Imeon …

Pylontech batteries can be installed in parallel into the same Rack, with a maximum of 20 units for model UP2500C.

Pylon Tech UP2500C at 25,6 volts and 2,55 kWh of capacity

Pylon Tech lithium batteries have a series of advantages like:

Battery Management Sytems (BMS)

Each battery has his own BMS, Battery Management System that controls the charge, discharge and temperature of the battery, and prevent damages when security parameters are exceeded and including a cell balance system.

Cycle Life

Vertical industry integration ensures more than 6000 cycles with 90% DoD Compact and fashionable design fits in your sweet home environment Modular design gives the end customers the power of choice of capacity.


Compared with other battery technologies, like Lead Acid, Lithium battery is much lighter. In this case, each Pylon Tech module has a weight of 27,5 Kg, depending on the model.

Charge / Discharge capacity

Recommended Charge / Discharge capacity on these batteries is 0,5 C (25 to 37 Amp depending of the model) and allow a capacity op to 1 C (50 to 37 Amp depending on the model), and a maximum charge / discharge capacity of 100 Amp during a period of 15 seconds.


As show, this 19″ Rack format allo multiple configurations. Pylon Tech Lithium batteries can be installed over any Rack or using Pylon Tech brakets

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